Sloppy Hippo glass hookahs are single stemmed and are designed for smoking tobacco. Tobacco smoke in the hookah is passed through a glass based water basin before it is made available for inhalation via the hose. The silicone hose is perfect because it is easily washable and it has a metal thing that allows for you to use the hose siting down or standing without any problem.Sloppy Hippo glass hookahs are engineered to be airtight without the use of traditional rubber grommets or additional parts, exemplifying our fine craftsmanship in making a departure from the more tradional styles. Our Hookahs are equipped with a detachable chamber base. Through this chamber system and the new bowl, all smoke can be blown out of the bowl, ensuring a high quality and joyful smoking experience where you can taste the nice and smooth flavours. 


We provide a high-quality, durable box packaging for each and every hookah that we carry so that every component of the set is securely packed in its own styrofoam compartment, eliminating as much rattle and shake as possible while in transit. This allows for a hassle free, safe transportation of your Sloppy Hippo Hookah anywhere. The hookah is beautiful and big enough to fit in ice cubes in it for a fresher taste. Our hookahs are a novelty also in that a borosilicate glass chillam is provided with the set, which is suitable for smoking all kinds of herbs other than tobacco. With it's impressive performance and aesthetics, they are a perfect gift to give to your dear ones!


How does our novelty convert to enhanced customer experience?

1. Provides impressive performance – The large-sized valves on the Sloppy Hippo hookahs help increase the airflow (larger valves = better air flow) and make the smoking experience effortless. Also, the release valve is much simpler to use than the screw-on valves in traditional hookahs, which makes it super easy to regulate the performance.

2. Provides Aesthetics – The hookah, essentially made of glass, is very easy to handle, assemble/disassemble and move around, adding lustre to your fine decor.

3. Low Maintenance -  The detachable parts of the hookah are easy to clean and keep it smell free. The diffuser makes a huge difference and by it being all glass, the smoke is smoother and it's easy to clean. The steel part on the hose is smooth, super easy to clean or rinse with hot water.