Sloppy Hippo ultra- high quality grinders are truly scratch resistant, using aerospace anodizing techniques for protection. We take pride in ourselves for putting out the best available grinders in the market. We offer Red and Green anodized finishes. Sloppy Hippo grinders will make your life easier. Whether you’re rolling joints, packing bowls, or using your favorite vaporizer, our awesome plastic and metallic grinders will help you make the most of your stash. They grind small pieces of flower easily while creating a nice, even, fluffy fine grind. The top section empties nicely without chunks hanging up like on cheaper grinders. Heavy, highly precision- machined in both looks and feel, all Sloppy Hippo grinder pieces fit together smoothly and are very comfortable to hold.The lids glide smoothly, the kief catchers have no sharp corners, the grip is awesome and the grinder teeth are of super strong metal.

The grinding is easy with Sloppy Hippo grinders, typically requiring 3 quick twists and maybe a couple of clean-up twists, depending on the moisture content. The magnets are strong to prevent spilling while grinding and there are gaskets to ease friction as well as prevent wastage. They are great for traveling because you can pre-grind a lot before you travel and they can also very discreetly be slipped into your purse or pocket. Choose from our range of colorful plastic or metallic grinders and you will not be disappointed!



  • 2 and 4 Piece Grinder(s)
  • Unique Tooth Design
  • Ultrasonically Cleansed Anodized Aluminum
  • Plastic finish also available
  • Knurled Grip For Easy Grinding
  • Multiple Sizes and colors available