Carb Caps

A carb cap is a fairly rudimentary dabbing accessory that is essentially imperative to an enjoyable, low-temp dab. Sloppy Hippo has many designs and styles of carb caps, but the principles and purpose remain the same: they are small tools that are usually made of glass, titanium, silicone or other stable, heat-resistant materials.


How do carb caps work?


Carb caps are used to cover the top of your pipe and help trap the heat by regulating or restricting the air flow, much like a carburettor under the hood of a car. It modifies the airflow to your pipe while increasing the flavour and efficiency, retaining heat for a longer period and extending the sweet spot or target for your preferred temperature. By restricting the air flow, a functional carb cap drops the air pressure and hence takes less heat to create a creamy, thick vapour quality with each smoke. Using a carb cap is simple. Once capped, you can tap the cap, lifting it up and down to adjust the airflow and pressure. Or, if you have a functional carb cap, you can spin or twirl the cap around the crown of your pipe to push the jet stream of air around.